We are pleased to announce that Buzkashi Boys is streaming for free, thanks to the good people at Vice.
Click this link to watch it: BUZKASHI BOYS.
The Buzkashi Boys team would like to congratulate Curfew on a wonderful film and a well deserved win at the Academy Awards.
"The film has an incredibly dark twist that will certainly grab hold of one’s emotions and pierce the steeliest of hearts. The serious nature and grim tone of the short film adds to the undeniable significance of it, making it a clear frontrunner for the Academy Award."
-Joseph Braverman, Awards Circuit
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"French shows exceptional intelligence and sensitivity in capturing the spirit of youth and the weight of duty that test the boys. Their intensity and confusion is matched by Kabul's, a dusty, dramatic backdrop for this tale. The young stars, Fawad Mohammadi and Jawanmard Paiz, are exceptional. Together they create a different truth of Afghanistan — impoverished boys with rich imaginations, who dream of horses and heroes not shaped by war. It gets my vote; it won my heart."
-Betsy Sharky, LA Times
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"I think Buzkashi Boys is the best film in the group. Buzkashi Boys is a more impressive feat, expressing a variety of Big Ideas through a similarly narrow set of characters, yet never feeling heavy-handed."
-Alan Pyke , Brightest Young Things
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"That quality of endurance shines brightly in this year's strongest nominee, the Afghanistan drama "Buzkashi Boys" (29:42), an international collaboration (director Sam French is American) and one of the first narrative films shot amidst the war-torn ruins of Kabul."
-Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times
The Afghan Film Project launches a campaign to help Fawad Mohammadi reach the Oscars.
Your contribution will bring the young star of our film to Hollywood for a once in a lifetime experience and help fund his future back in Kabul.
Why 10,000?
We want to bring Fawad's co-star, Jawanmard Paiz, to the award ceremony so the boys can celebrate this honor together.
Any donations we raise in excess will go into a college fund for Fawad so that he can one day leave Chicken Street behind.
Please help us make Fawad's dream a reality!
The Afghan Film Project is honored to announce the Oscar ™ nomination of the half-hour film Buzkashi Boys, directed by Sam French and produced by Ariel Nasr, announced this morning by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at 5:30 AM Pacific time. Buzkashi Boys, which received a nomination in the live action short film category, was written by Sam French and Martin Desmond Roe, and produced through the non-profit NGO, Afghan Film Project, in association with Dirty Robber, an L.A.-based production company. Starring 12-year-old Afghan actor Fawad Mohammadi in his debut film role, Buzkashi Boys tells the coming of age story of two best friends growing up in the war-torn streets of Kabul, Afghanistan.
To see Fawad’s reaction to the news of the Oscar nomination, please click
To read the full press release, you can download it by clicking this image:
We are incredibly honored to have been shortlisted for an Academy Award Nomination. Congratulations to the entire team who made this crazy dream a reality.
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Buzkashi Boys is honored to have won Best Cinematography at the UK Film Festival. Congratulations to Duraid and the entire team!
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We are incredibly honored to have been recognized by the Savannah Film Festival, and want to congratulate the entire team that worked hard to make this film a reality.
Find more info about the festival here:
For all you Londoners out there, Buzkashi Boys is screening at the UK Film Festival on November 14. You can find more info here:
Buzkashi Boys is screening at the Washington West Film Festival on November 2, in Fairfax, VA. For tickets and info, go here:
Buzkashi Boys won Best Short Film at the Evolution Film Festival in Mallorca, Spain.
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Buzkashi Boys wins Best International Short and Best Short of the festival at the Raindance Film Festival in London.
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Buzkashi Boys has just screened at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis, and was in the running for the Vision Award for Best Short Film.
Check out the Heartland website here:
Buzkashi Boys will be screening at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival on October 18. Details here:
After a long wait, Buzkashi Boys will have it's Kabul premiere on October 4!
We are partnering with the Sound Central Festival, a three day music extravaganza to take place on October 2-4. Buzkashi Boys will screen the last night of the festival at 5pm on Thursday, October 4, followed by some kick-ass bands.
Location and more details to follow. It's going to rock!
Buzkashi Boys wins Best Drama at the Los Angeles Shortsfest!
For a full list of winning films, click here:
For everyone in London - Buzkashi Boys is premiering in the UK on September 27 at the Raindance Film Festival! Details here:
Buzkashi Boys will be screening at the Laemmle Noho 7 theater from September 14-16 at 11:45am and 12:15pm each day.
Come join us and meet the filmmakers! For tickets, please go here:
We're premiering in Canada tonight at the Montreal World Film Festival - If you're in town, come join us!
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Buzkashi Boys has won the Best Cinematography award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. To see the announcement, click HERE
And in the latest news, we're screening at the Montreal World Film Festival at the end of August. Stay tuned for showtimes!
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Buzkashi Boys is screening at the LA Shorts Fest, running from September 6-13 in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for showtimes!
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Buzkashi Boys is screening at the Montreal World Film Festival! For more information, please click HERE
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Buzkashi Boys is opening the Rhode Island Film Festival on Tuesday, August 7! This is an Academy Award qualifying festival, so we need your support! For more information, please click HERE
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